Tomato paste double concentration 28-30% Kyknos 4,55 kg

Origin: Greece

Tomato concentrate Kyknos with 28–30% Brix double concentrate with guaranteed high quality.
Preservation method: After opening keep in a refrigerator.

Established in 1915, Kyknos is one of the most popular and recognised brands in Greece. The company is famed for its high-quality tinned products from tomatoes grown and harvested in the Peloponnese region in accordance with all quality requirements and standards. The Kyknos products don’t contain GMO, preservatives and artificial colouring agents. Kyknos is quality certified by the German association TUV MANAGEMENT SERVICE GMBH in accordance with ISO 9001 & HACCP from 1999.

Packaging: 410 gr

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Weight4.55 kg