SIOURAS Kalamata Olives

26.50 лв.29.60 лв.

(origin: Greece)

Dark brown in colour, with the shape of almond, and rich taste, Kalamata has been the queen of Greek olives since Antiquity. It has high level of fat, intensive olive and delicate sour-salty taste, and is a great companion for Mediterranean food or a glass of good wine.

Type: whole and de-stoned, cut

Packages: 2 and 13 kg dry weight

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Вид и количество

С костилка, 2 кг – 20,40 лв., С костилка, 13 кг – 122,46 лв., Без костилка, 2 кг – 22,80 лв., Без костилка, 10 кг – 108,00 лв., Нарязана, 2 кг – 22,08 лв., Нарязана, 13 кг – 134,16 лв