Organic Apple Cider Vinegar ACETUM MODENA

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Our winemaker from Modena chose carefully only high quality and alcoholic wines to produce this high quality organic range. These exceptional raw materials are oxidized with the traditional and slow system of the “wooden chips fermentation”. In this ancient system big wooden vats are filled with chips and a volume of wine (maximum three quarters of total vat volume) is pumped from the bottom to the top of the container where it is sprinkled on the wooden chips. This process can last from 1 to 4 weeks. The result are Organic and Natural Vinegars with the mother, and a much more complex olfactory profile for the slowness of the process and the high contact with wood and air.

Packages: 12 x 500 ml.

Olimport Ltd. offers top quality balsamic vinegars, olives, olive oil and dried tomatoes from Greece, Czech, Spain and Italy. We strive to provide you only with the best product, so you that can offer to your customers exquisite and healthy food. Order now.

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