LATZIMAS extra virgin olive oil infused with chilli peppers by Chilli Hills 500 ml

15.60 лв.

What will happen when the great Greek love for olive oil combines with the great Bulgarian love for spicy food? Something marvellous, exciting and sensational.

Olimport strives to offer to its clients brave, innovative and charming products, and adores working with partners who share this philosophy.

That is why the company combined its classic, beloved Latzimas extra virgin olive oil, which comes from Crete, with the talent of Chilli Hills, the phenomenal Bulgarian farm for hot peppers and products of them. The result are two types of spicy olive oil, infused with hot peppers – the medium Birdseye and the strong Habanero. Both products make an excellent addition to dressings, marinates, mayonnaise or can be sprinkled over pizza, meat, grilled vegetables.

Packages: 250 ml


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Бърдсай, Хабанеро