DEL’OR Salad Oil Mix 5 l

DEL’OR Salad Olive Oil has dense olive taste and aroma, and blends perfectly with each dish. Its green colour comes from its rich content of chlorophyll. This olive oil is suitable for seasoning of salads, in small quantities, as a supplement for grilled fish, meat or vegetables. It can be used for frying or pasta, too. It contains beneficial natural ingredients and working with it decreases significantly the expenses at dining halls and restaurant kitchens.

Olimport Ltd. is a longtime importer of olives, olive oil, spices, balsamic vinegar, dried tomatoes, artichoke, and more, delivered from Spain, Greece and Italy. Join the group of excellent restaurants in Bulgaria that are our partners, and order all that you need to serve healthy and delicious meals to your customers.

Package: 5 l (HoReCa)