DEL’OR High-Oleic Cooking Oil 5 L

Olimport offers to restaurant owners and chefs who value optimised expenses and healthy eating DEL’OR, an innovative high oleic sunflower seed oil.

Designed in accordance with the latest trends in frying, baking and dressing, DEL’OR is thermostable and has a smoke point of over 250ºС. It does not mixes the smells and heats quickly, so it can be reused repeatedly even after consecutive frying of different products. DEL’OR seals the fried products in a golden crust, keeping their natural taste, and is hardly absorbed by the food.

DEL’OR is a non-hydrogenated oil with high Omega 9, lecithin and Vitamin E content. Restaurants that use it optimise their expenses and time for food preparation, and receive excellent quality and healthy taste.

Packages: 5 l


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Weight5 kg